History of Escort Services for Travelers

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One of the most common excuses that you often hear from people who want to embark on a trip is that they have no one to travel with. The existence of a travel escort in San Francisco should eradicate this reason. You can go anywhere you want with the help of travel companion services.

Travel companions have existed for a long time now, but not everyone is aware of how they began. Originally, these services started in ancient times. They were commonly seen in temples and several individuals, both men and women, were involved in escorting until about the 4th AD.

In Mesopotamia and Greece, escorts began to wear distinctive clothes. This way, their potential clients would easily identify them. As with today, the requirements to be an escort in the old times included being gorgeous and charming, so they could easily attract clients. In ancient Rome, the government considered them as a business, which was why they were required to pay taxes. Escorts have always been famous because they usually were from other countries, instead of a local area where the clients come from.

In the old age, they were referred to as courtesans and were known to be the happy companions of those who would travel regularly. Their job was to accompany people, and until now, most of the services stay the same. They should entertain and talk to their guests. Frequently, they would be asked to perform a variety of dances to keep the clients happy.

These courtesans have evolved, and they are now usually known as travel escorts. Today, these escorts are more than happy to give temporary companionship to those who are willing to have them on a trip. Often the clients are wealthy businessmen, but it can be anyone who does not want to be alone during the whole experience.