Far from the new world, another huge development for glassblowers was happening. Science was beginning to advance by leaps and bounds. Man had found that utilizing glass could lead to the magnification of objects. Furthermore, by linking those glass pieces together in a tube the magnification was further increased. With these new developments in science the pressure for new glassblowing techniques further increased as well as the demand. It is with these scientific advancements that standard beakers, flask, test tubes, and the like that we use today came into development. It is with these developments that we began mass producing glass by modifying our previous methods to increase production capacity.

imagesFrom here the development of glass continues to grow and new techniques are still being developed. However, our demand and fascination with the material will never cease as we continue to find not only scientific uses, but also artistic uses for this versatile material. We still have many artist who hand blow their creations to create truly unique pieces of art as well as the more commercialized productions that occur with molds. Either way we owe so much to the history and development of this amazing material. Just think, every time you look outside your window on a sunny day, or have the glow of the lightbulb to illuminate your late night dinner, you have glassblowing techniques to thank for that.